Flameless Tea Lights

It’s always preferred to go for the authentic products and not knockoffs. Flameless tea lights offer such an option. It offers the perfect, or as perfect as it can be, edge to your decoration in any season, for any reason. We are going to list out a few facts and features about the product, so that it helps you understand what you’re getting into before investing.

The word tea is faintly associated with the proper noun of the product and does not, whatsoever, indulge in any kind of drinking! These are battery operated small, tea cup sized, ‘electronic candles’ with the bulb on it shaped like the flame of a candle. From afar it is indistinguishable from a regular and real candle with real flames and thus the charm. These decorative come in different shapes and sizes. There are Flame less candles available which can even be placed underwater for decoration.

Flameless tea lights

Why you should buy?

One may argue that there isn’t any reason spending lavishly on this product and they are right; but then there is nothing lavish about the price. Don’t spend lavishly. Read the following features of the product!

  • Costs very little or very economic prices
  • Available in many shapes and sizes
  • New and improved way to light the environment on the preferred day.
  • No worrying about molten wax, something getting burnt down or someone getting hurt unwillingly.
  •  Can be used in more ways than just as like candles.
  •  Safer usage, compared to, candles if children are present in the household or in the guest list.


There are more ways than one in which you may be able to decorate your house with these flame less candles.

You can incorporate these beauties in Paper lanterns. Buy paper lanterns or the outer shells and then either hang them from somewhere or place them on the ground with these lights inside of them

You can do lit up balloons by first blowing up the balloons and then without letting the air out, attach the hind part of the balloon along the ridge of the light’s base. You can place these on the floors, hang them from somewhere or place them on the table; they would look wonderful and definitely will catch everyone’s gaze!

Another ‘updated’ version, if you may, of the balloon idea is to fill up the balloons with air and then closing their openings. Then lap glue over these balloons and spread thick threads all over these balloons. After the glue takes its toll, puncture the balloons and what’s left are the beautiful shells you made! Cut a small hole in them and enter the lights. Put them along your house’s alleys or hanging; they look amazing! There’s no limit to what you can churn out from these little beauties; imagination is the limit!